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What is a temporary, disposable, or anonymous email?

A disposable email address is a temporary and entirely anonymous email address that does not necessitate any registration.

Why might you need a temporary email address?

To sign up on questionable websites without jeopardizing your personal data. This is especially useful in situations where your privacy is of utmost importance.

How does it differ from a regular email?

No registration is required. It is entirely anonymous: personal data, the email address itself, and emails are deleted after you delete the account. Messages are delivered instantly. Email addresses are automatically generated; you don't have to manually select an available username. The mailbox is protected from spam, hacking, and exploits.

How can I send an email?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this feature.

How can I extend the lifetime of a temporary email?

You don't need to extend anything; your email account remains valid until you manually delete it.

How long are incoming messages stored?

We store messages for only 7 days. Unfortunately, we cannot keep them indefinitely.

Can I check the received emails?

Yes, received emails are displayed under the name of your mailbox.

Do you maintain and renew the domains used by this service?

Yes, we continually renew our domains, so they won't disappear.

I forgot my password. Can it be reset?

No, there is no way to reset your password. Your password is generated in your browser and stored encrypted.